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Reply to “smudge and ink mark” application from YSK

After the 225 ballot papers sent to the Netherlands for the Presidential Election to be held on 14 May were incorrect and these ballots were recorded and left unused, Öztürk, YSK Representative of the IYI Party, applied to the YSK.

Öztürk asked the YSK for an opinion on “whether all or some of the ballot papers or envelopes will be valid if there are stains or ink marks on them”.

Since the provisions of Articles 98 and 101 of the Law No. 298 on Basic Provisions of Elections and Electoral Registers are clear, “there is no room for giving an opinion” on this issue.

Article 98 of the Law No. 298 states, “… However, even if there are stains or scratches on the envelopes with the watermark of the Supreme Election Board of the Republic of Turkey, the emblem and the seal of the District Election Board, although they do not have the seal of the ballot box committee, it is certain that this was done for the purpose of putting a special mark. Envelopes that cannot be understood as valid are considered valid. contains the provision.

Article 101 of the same Law states, “The following situations do not invalidate the ballot papers: 1. Envelopes are torn during opening or reading of the votes. 2. Accidental tearing of some of them without damaging their integrity. incomprehension.” provides for regulation.

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