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Removal of industrial tradesmen from Nevşehir Municipality

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Mayor of Nevşehir Lale Industrial Site, who came to a meeting with the tradesmen, Dr. Mehmet Savran said, “We will do our best to serve this city.” he said he.

AK Party Nevşehir Deputy Yücel Menekşe, Nevşehir Municipality Leader Dr. Mehmet Savran, AK Party Provincial Leader Ali Bonekıran and AK Party Central District Leader Ferit Yiğitarslan were guests of the Tulip Industry tradesmen at breakfast.

In the breakfast program attended by AK Party Nevşehir Municipality Council Member Erhan Kartal, Deputy Menekşe, Provincial Leader Bonekıran and Municipality Leader Savran answered the questions of the tradesmen.

Stating that they work day and night as AK teams to serve Nevşehir, Municipality Leader Dr. Mehmet Savran thanked the tradesmen who always supported them during this process.

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