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Remains of oldest bushfire found in Wales

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Evidence of the world’s oldest forest fire has been identified in a new study conducted in Wales, Great Britain.

It was stated that the fire detected in the south of Wales occurred for 430 million years, and charred remains were found in the mudstone.

While the scientists who carried out the research stated that the plant that burned into charcoal at the time of the speech was giant mushrooms, Paleobotanist Ian Glasspool said, “The Silurian vegetation was very different than it is today.”

Glasspool said, “There were no woody plants at that time; the vegetation was more than one very small. However, there was a giant that overshadowed the image. There is a very mysterious fossil called Prototaxites. It was 8 meters high and about one meters in diameter.”

Paleobotanist said, “A genus of gigantic mushrooms; upright, very phallic structures. Mushroom columns with a load of up to 10 tons,” he said, adding that the ones that burned and left blackened traces were the mushrooms in question.

Remains discovered in the depths of Rumney on the outskirts of Cardiff revealed that the onshore fires of the Prototaxites were duly large and widespread.

Emphasizing that the rate of oxygen in the world was less 430 million years ago, scientists emphasized that it took millions of years for the photosynthetic algae in the oceans to make the planet what it is today. stressed that it continues.

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