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Reflection of ‘battered’ by CHP Kayseri

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He said that Kayseri witnessed yet another action of the AK Party mentality that does not recognize laws and rules. He said that the ruling party, which dealt blow after blow to the city and brought the city back in every field, continued to denigrate Kayseri and bring the pleasant city to the agenda with setbacks. We learned that a person who is stated to be the Leader of the AK Party District Youth Branch, broke the nose of the police by saying, “You don’t know who I am, how do you not know me?” It is the result of an understanding that sees institutions as their father’s farm. Thus, we are living in an era where mental eclipse is experienced a lot. we are exceeding. It’s enough now. Our country, our nation, does not deserve this picture. Our country has no time to lose anymore. With the AK Party, we will compensate for the losses, lost years and unworthy practices. We will break down the walls of terror. We will crown our republic with democracy. We will make right, law, justice and merit the basis of the state. A humane and just arrangement where there is love, respect and tolerance, where conflicts come to an end, neither the oppressor nor the oppressed, will either come or it will come. Turkey will win, our 85 million people will win. There is no despair. Coming is coming,” he said.

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