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Recycling libraries proliferate in HEM

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Recycling libraries continue to be established within the scope of education and awareness activities with the theme of recycling and zero waste in lifelong learning institutions. 525 ‘recycling’ libraries created from recycling materials were established in Public Education Centers (HEM).

ANKARA (IGFA) – In the study, which aimed to provide at least one lifelong learning institution in each province with a recycling library created with recycling materials, remarkable results were obtained from public education centers in all provinces in a short time. (98002)

, 525 recycling libraries created from recycling materials were completed in public education centers across the country. There are recycling libraries that are still working.

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer, who made an evaluation about betting, said that as a result of the studies started with the aim of contributing to the creation of a production and consumption culture, where resources are used actively and efficiently, recycling has become one of the indispensable elements of our economy, inactive waste materials that are not used in residences or workshops. He said that they always saw together what could be done by bringing the works in the current situation to a place.

Reminding that works have been developed with the belief that what can be done from scrap materials by adhering to the Zero Waste Project, Minister Özer said that all those who come to our public education centers with the aim of creating this awareness in institutions, teachers, master trainers, trainees and their families, in all sections of the society and disseminating the practices. Citizens noted that they can benefit from recycling libraries.

Pointing out that the number of books in recycling libraries is increasing day by day, Özer said, “Books were donated to recycling libraries by teachers, master trainers and trainees. The number of books in these institutions is 35 thousand 513, while the number of books in recycling libraries is 117 thousand 772. While the number of books found in 2021 was 65 thousand 581, it increased to 309 thousand 149 with the prestige of April 25, 2022.

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