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Rebels kill 20 civilians in Congo

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At least 20 civilians were killed in the rebel offensive in Ituri province in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.

According to national media reports, members of the Democratic Alliance Forces (ADF) rebel cluster have raided the village of Monge in Ituri province.

At least 20 civilians were killed in the attack, while 25 civilians were taken hostage by the rebels.

Rebels operating in the region frequently kidnap people and demand ransom.

It is assumed that thousands of civilians have died since 2014 in ADF offensives operating in the east of the country.

The east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where the borders of Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi are located, has been the scene of attacks and conflicts by armed groups that have been trying to control mines such as gold and cobalt for 20 years.

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