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Reaction from Şahan Gökbakar, Aleyna Tilki and Hacı Sabancı to Zafer Algöz

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Zafer Algöz, one of the actors of Cem Yılmaz’s new series ‘Erşan Kuneri’, which was broadcast on Netflix on May 13, commented on a Twitter user’s comment, “I felt like a ‘Like’ breeze,” and said, He had to eat bread in 2 ovens and İzmir boyoz in 4 ovens”.

Algöz, to another follower who thought that this comment was not “constructive”, said, “I say let’s not compare the starchy water pudding with the creamy bread kadaif. Otherwise, of course, everyone’s taste is in the first place,” he said .


Thereupon, Kıvanç Kılınç, who played the character of ‘İlkkan’ in the TV series ‘Like’, wrote the following on Twitter without giving a name:

“It can be effortlessly observed that adulthood and evolution are the result of mental and cultural processes, not biological ones.”


Şahan Gökbakar’s comment is as follows: “Your hair has turned gray, you are not tired of vicious polemics…”

“Let’s not eat LIKE’S RIGHT”

Aleyna Tilki also said, “Eternal respect to my brother Zafer. They have a huge effort, but let’s not do justice to the fact that Feyyaz Yiğit made us all laugh a lot with the drama he shot with a very easy start. That humor is not something that increases as production increases.”

Hacı Sabancı said, “It would be more appropriate if you started a diet.”

Feyyaz Yiğit, who is one of the creators of “Gibi” and plays the character of “Yılmaz” in the lead role, has not yet come to an explanation.

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