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Reaction from Bahceli to BDP deputy: It is cruel to serve in the Parliament

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MHP General Leader Devlet Bahceli reacted to the deputy who raised his hand to the police and argued at the party’s cluster meeting and said, “Putting a fist at the police has no place in Parliament. Immunity should be lifted quickly.”

ANKARA (IGFA) – Speaking at the party’s cluster meeting in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, MHP General Leader Devlet Bahçeli also touched upon the slap at the police who tried to prevent the march in images allegedly related to Saliha Aydeniz from the Democratic Regions Party (DBP) in the action in Istanbul Kadikoy at the weekend. .

“The drafts of deputies who raised their hands on the police in Kadıköy, Istanbul, and attacked our police officers while they attempted to hang a banner on the 15 July Martyrs Bridge without permission, cannot have a place in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, and under this blessed roof, outlaws and traitors cannot be tolerated.” said he.

“Their immunity should be lifted quickly and they should be brought before the court,” said Bahçeli. .

For the CHP, which Bahçeli accuses of staying silent on this incident, “Kılıçdaroğlu’s statement that ‘CHP is not the old CHP’ was not made in vain. The old CHP has not been replaced by the new one, but has officially entered the control of Qandil and the oppressors, forcibly handed over to the CHP administration, whose will is in chains.” used the terms.

For CHP General Leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, at the same time, “The fact that the CHP Chairperson has Alevi Islam is not a loss, a handicap, something to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. Saying that those who are eager and tawassul to cause strife over the sect are the boils of strife, Bahceli also congratulated President Erdogan’s presidential candidacy.

Bahceli also drew attention to the problems and loss of life caused by heavy rain in Ankara at the weekend in Istanbul, blaming the government and claiming that the government closed the gap. “Both Ankara and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality watched the floods and the resulting grievances with pitiful weakness and as if they had been taken advantage of,” said Bahçeli. The government filled the vacancy of Istanbul and Ankara Metropolitan Municipalities without delay, and in this context, thankfully, intervened with the spirit of mobilization against the devastating results of the heavy rains,” he said.

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