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While eating and drinking concepts are going through a big change in the pandemic, the increasing awareness of delicious, healthy and nutritious cooking has mobilized digital platforms.

The Daily Meal Food and Beverage Manager Coşkun Kaplan stated that the increase in the interest in the kitchen during the long shutdown periods created a great potential in the tourism and gastronomy departments and said, “We are qualifying this potential with our platform where we make delicious , healthy and nutritious cooking accessible to everyone.

We give the passwords of the tastes served in the most valuable restaurants of the world, and we provide companionship to those who want to develop their profession in this department but cannot access the opportunity for education.

We are guiding the latest trends by adding the latest news in the sector and various restaurant analyzes to our platform, as well as definitions of healthy and delicious meals. Through our platform, which guides those who want to be the star of their cuisine and world-renowned chefs, we also take sides in the eating and drinking concepts that have undergone a great change.”


Coşkun Kaplan noted that by making analyzes of world-famous restaurants on the platform, which deals with the eating and drinking experience from every aspect, they determined the problems of the branch and the solutions developed on-site, and made the following assessment:

“We create new inspirations for the chefs of the future with the analyzes we carry out by observing all the operations of world-famous restaurants from the kitchen to the table. We have provided our users with the analyzes of Michelin-starred restaurants such as Mandarin Grill, Arcane, Gaddi’s, Gordon Ramsay Steak House, Eng Kee Noodle Shop, which are within the body of The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, where I attended food and beverage trainings in Hong Kong.

During these analyzes, we found that there was a great lack of connection between the food and beverage workers and the kitchen workers. This problem, which we encounter even in world brand restaurants, hinders the creation of a qualified workforce in the department.”

Coşkun Kaplan, Food and Beverage Manager of The Daily Meal


Coşkun Kaplan mentioned that all levels from the kitchen to the service in the industry require group play and said, “All these stages need to be experienced in order to be in a random position in the team game, including the senior manager. JW Marriott Hotel prepares all members of the group game for branch through its worker training program.

Those who have a culinary background and who have definitely reached the level can be promoted to senior positions such as food and beverage manager or manager. Those who know all the stages of the process from the kitchen to the executive chair in the branch can obtain a great managerial identity.

On the other hand, students’ choosing the tourism and gastronomy departments of universities with pure enthusiasm without doing proper research can result in disappointment. In order to be a successful chef or manager in these segments, it is necessary to work hard beyond enthusiasm.”


Noting that The Daily Meal is supported by leading platforms and businesses in America, Europe and the Middle East, Coşkun Kaplan said, “The Italian giant Slow Food Italy in particular, The Active Times, Tribune Publishing, Studio 1847, Tribune Content Agency, Agoda , Wego, We are bringing our platform, which is supported by platforms such as CozyCozy and many institutions and organizations, to wider audiences every day.

We have members all over the world, first in America, England, Italy, Philippines and Canada. We aim to gain awareness day by day in Turkey, where we have more than 200 members. Unfortunately, our attempts to develop cooperation with different institutions and organizations were unsuccessful.

Coşkun Kaplan stated that they are ready to give all kinds of support for the gastronomy-oriented promotion of Turkey and said, “We have achieved quite fruitful results in our cooperation with other countries. Only kebab varieties and olive oil flavors represent Turkey on our platform .

With the increase of gastronomy-oriented promotional activities, local flavors from different regions can also take their deserved place in Turkey’s world showcase.

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