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Prosecutor Marcelo Pecci, known for his efforts with the mafia, was killed on his honeymoon!

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Prosecutor Marcelo Pecci, known for his efforts in organized misdemeanor, drug trafficking, money laundering and terrorist financing in Paraguay, was attacked by gunmen during his honeymoon in Baru Island, Colombia. Prosecutor Pecci died at the scene, while his wife, Claudia Aguilera, was not injured in the attack.


Claudia Aguilera, speaking to the newspaper El Tiempo of the armed raid, explained that the attackers came from the sea in a small boat. Aguilera said that her husband had received threats, but that these threats had stopped in the last two weeks.

“Cowardly ATTACK”

Paraguayan State Leader Mario Abdo Benitez described the attack as a ‘cowardly murder’ and said, “We condemn this tragic event in the strongest terms and reaffirm our commitment to organized crime and the effort.” .

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