prof. Dr. ‘Second round’ invitation from Üstün Dökmen: Do not be offended by democracy and the Republic

going to the second round 2023 Presidency In the first round of the elections, 8 million 352 thousand 496 voters did not go to the polls. Some citizens started to say that they would not go to the ballot box because the election was in the second round.

Doyen psychologist Prof. Dr. Superior Dökmen, He called for everyone to go to the polls. Stating that the first round of investigation is the duty of the parties, Dökmen said, “Our duty is to go to the polls on 28 May and vote. Millions of people did not vote in the first election. This electorate has a tendency not to vote in the second round. Some of those who do not want to vote say, ‘Whatever will happen will happen only with my vote.’ This is such a pointless thought. Of course every vote counts. If everyone says ‘Only with my vote’, millions of votes will be lost. No one should go to the polls without thinking like that.”said.

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(Superior Cast)

Speaking about the resentful voters, Dökmen said, “Dear compatriots, you may be offended by a party. You may be offended by a political leader. However, please do not be offended by democracy and the Republic. Do not give up hope on democracy and the Republic. Some people think that it doesn’t matter who the president is, just because the ruling party won the parliamentary majority anyway. This is a very wrong thought. Because according to the current system, the president is very authoritative. He can appoint a government without a vote of confidence.”used the phrases.

Explaining that every voter who does not vote in this election will regret this choice in the future, Dökmen said, “We do not vote for ourselves. We use it for our children. Especially for our girls, we should vote for their future. We will vote for the republic, for democracy.”made its assessment.

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