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prof. Dr. Description of ‘Religious Academy’ from Erbaş

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Religious Affairs Leader Prof. Dr. Ali Erbaş said that the world needs the life-giving principles of Islam more than ever before. Erbaş stated that they will feed the Religious Academy and the Universities.

ISTANBUL (IGFA) – 41st Provincial Mufti Consultation Meeting Religious Affairs Leader Prof. Dr. It started in Istanbul under the chairmanship of Ali Erbaş.

Speaking at the opening of the meeting held at Istanbul 29 Mayıs University Conference Hall with the agenda of “Activity and Efficiency of Religious Services in Guiding Religious Life”, Religious Affairs Leader Erbaş said that he found it valuable and meaningful that one of the most valuable meetings of the Presidency was held at the University of Religious Affairs Directorate and Religious Foundation.

President Erbaş stated that in the opinion of Islam, knowledge is not discriminated as whether it is Islamic or beneficial, and that all sciences lead to the Qur’an. He also said that he was very interested in the sciences.

President Erbaş pointed out that muftis are responsible not only for the people in their own provinces but also for all people, and said, “Our muftis should definitely do their work by thinking of all humanity. Humanity needs us. What we say all the time, humanity needs Islam,” he said.


Referring to the Diyanet academy, Lider Erbaş said, “With the Religious Academy, our members will now begin their mission with a more equipped pre-service training opportunity. We will select our employees in every title and team of the Diyanet academy through pre-service training. Later, during his duties, he will continue his education through our religious academy. Our training team will become more equipped. Even our students studying in our specialization centers (religious academy) are quickly recruited into their teams by theology faculties. At the same time, we will feed the religious academy and universities. In other words, the students we train at our academy can work as lecturers, teaching assistants or research assistants in faculties of theology. All these will enable our Presidency to provide more adequate service to our nation and humanity.

President Erbaş mentioned that one of the strongest bases that the Presidency of Religious Affairs establishes contact with the society is the Qur’an courses and said that the Qur’an courses are open to individuals of all ages.

President Erbaş informed that the summer Quran courses will start on June 27, and also touched upon the issue of sacrifice by proxy.

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