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prof. Dr. Arıca: ‘Exam troubles affect memory negatively’

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Pediatric Health and Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Vefik Arıca shared his suggestions to increase success and strengthen memory for students who took the exam. Arıca said, “Especially with the test tension, the concentration disorder, or in other words, the difficulty of focusing, has a valuable place among the negative effects faced by school-age children today.”


Pediatric Health and Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Vefik Arıca mentioned that the biggest stumbling block in front of success is focus and touched on the value of focus. prof. Dr. Arıca said, “Concentration or focus refers to the mental effort that a person puts into everything he or she is currently working on or learning. This description is sometimes confused with attention span, but attention span does not refer to this mental effort, but the time you can concentrate on something. Whether you have an experienced postgraduate education. Whether you are a student taking a course or a newcomer to primary school, finding out how to focus in order to study effectively is a challenge faced by almost everyone.”


Explaining the factors affecting exam success Prof. Dr. Arıca continued his words as follows:

“The lack of time management, social media, external stimuli in the work environment or all of these are external factors that can change both the attention span and the focus, that is, the concentration. We can also count the inability of distance education to provide motivation in the student thanks to the connection during face-to-face education. In addition, false meanings loaded on exams can have negative effects on study motivation and focus. This situation can create tension on our children and bring with it problems that have not been encountered before.

School-age students and people in general who have problems with focus can judge time-related qualities such as novelty, frequency, temporal sequence, and respite of events. Having trouble focusing while listening to a lecture, solving practice and reinforcement tests, or during an exam may be due to the external factors above, as well as sometimes due to health problems.”


Prof. Dr. Arıca made the following suggestions to increase focus:

“The first thing that a student who aims to fulfill more than one mission during the day (for example, betting , solving a test or reinforcement exercise) should do is to create a priority order. Thanks to this sequence, the tension created by the intensity of the lesson can be reduced and thus focus can be increased. The habit of doing one’s responsibilities within a plan guides students’ behavior in terms of time management by enabling them to achieve the purpose of regular and efficient study with high concentration. Nowadays, every student has a smartphone from a young age, and studies show that people spend a significant amount of time with these smartphones.

I think we all know that this time spent with smartphones will be much more productive when allocated to different activities. It is frequently mentioned by child development experts that intelligence-enhancing activities and games have a valuable place when it comes to education in children. It is known as a result of studies that cognitive exercises such as sudoku, puzzles, puzzles, chess or memory games as well as coloring activities are highly beneficial for brain development and that there are gains in cognitive ability following these cognitive training interventions.


Prof. Dr. Emphasizing the connection between focus and nutrition, he gave the following advice to students preparing for the exam:

“I think we all know how hard it is to focus on something random when we are hungry. A stable diet affects not only our physical health but also our mental health. The negative effects of malnutrition. While it causes visible problems even for adults, unfortunately it can turn into a more valuable problem for children.It is known that some foods, especially healthy and stable nutrition , increase concentration, in other words, focusing ability.

Especially during exam periods, If you think that your child is having difficulty focusing while studying, some changes in the feeding routine and the help of a specialist when necessary can


“Today, supportive foods come to the fore as an analysis of malnutrition ion,” said Prof. Dr. Arıca concluded his words as follows:

“Phospholipids can be used as support in children diagnosed with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder or in young people who have difficulty in focusing due to test tension, under the supervision and follow-up There is a phospholipid called Phosphatidylserine (Phosphatidylserine), which is widely available.Phosphatidylserine, also known as the building block of the brain cell membrane, has a critical role in mood while improving the power metabolism of cells.

Studies, Omega-3 containing Phosphatidylserine shows that regular and long-term use of fatty acids can have beneficial effects on cognitive development in school-age children.Foods such as egg yolk, fish, beef liver, soy and sunflower lecithin contain certain amounts of Phosphatidylserine, and dairy products and vegetables contain traces of Phosphatidylserine. hers state that in cases of malnutrition, taking Phosphatidylserine as an external supplement may have positive effects on brain development and focus. ”

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