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Presenter Merve Akıncı received an acting offer

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Merve Akıncı, who is the presenter of the National Lottery, does not stop with her profession.

İSTANBUL (İGFA) – The pleasant presenter Merve Akıncı, who is preferred at institutions and special nights with her energetic and sympathetic moods, added color to the event with her presentations under the sponsorship of Bandido Cosmetics and in the arrangement of Jalal Bandido.

At the event where Bandido Cosmetics, which sells men’s care products to 83 countries, brought together the star barbers of the world in Istanbul, Merve Akıncı, who attracted attention with her pleasantness and sympathetic attitude, said, “It was very different from the arrangements I presented. There were 5 thousand people, but there were about 4 thousand men due to the normal profession. Women have also taken part in this profession, I think our aesthetic understanding is more appropriate and a man who wants to be well-groomed should surrender himself to a woman. The more female barbers there are, the more groomed gentlemen will be,” she said.

Merve Akıncı, the successful presenter of many special arrangements, emphasized that she received offers for the acting she studied.

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