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Prayed for rain in Bilecik Pazaryeri

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In Güde Village of Pazaryeri district of Bilecik, hands rose to the sky for rain and gratitude.

Pazaryeri Gündem / BİLECİK (İGFA) – The traditional prayer of rain and gratitude was made in the picnic area of ​​Güde Village by the mukhtars of Güde, Bahçesultan and Nazifpaşa villages of the Pazaryeri district of Bilecik.

While citizens from 7 to 70 gathered in Güde to pray for rain, little children also prayed for rain.

After the prayer, food was served to the citizens.

Pazaryeri Municipality Leader Zekiye Tekin and Provincial General Assembly Members Alaattin Emral and Mehmet Pulat attended the program, Village Headmen Metin Turan, İsmail Yıldız and Baki Dündar thanked the participants and said, “May God accept our prayers. Hopefully, we will get a fruitful rain and it will be a fruitful year.”

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