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Praise from Ali Koç to İsmail Kartal

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Fenerbahçe Leader Ali Y. Koç thanked İsmail Kartal, who has been the technical manager of Fenerbahçe since January, for his efforts at the club’s 2021 Ordinary Financial General Council Meeting.

İSTANBUL ( İGFA) – 2021 Ordinary Financial General Meeting of Fenerbahçe Club was held. While Ali Koç administration was released in the General Delegation, the club’s total debt was announced as 6 billion 190 million liras.

Addressing the members of the general council, Leader Ali Koç thanked İsmail Kartal, who was preparing to say goodbye to the club, and said, “He took the responsibility unconditionally, without any economic expectations, on the most difficult day for our Fenerbahçe. Because İsmail Kartal is not the one who exists with Fenerbahçe. , is one of the profiles for Fenerbahçe. I can say that it was the most difficult decision we made during our 4-year mission period. Ismail Hodja, presumably, will cross paths with this community again in a very long time, even as we mentioned to him, if he wants to get a little intermediate from his profession from technical management, he will always be there. like İsmail Kartal! As our fans enthusiastically say in the stands, not every football player, not every technical manager will even be sober, İsmail Kartal, the child of Fenerbahçe,” said.

Fenerbahçe’s former technical manager, İsmail Kartal, said, “We love Fenerbahçe as a family throughout our lives. If I became Fenerbahçe’s İsmail Kartal, I became thanks to this badge. The meaning of our club’s coat of arms is much greater than what it appears , I think. Me and my teammates spend our spare time in Buoy. When we discussed the colors of the coat of arms, we realized and saw that this is probably a coat of arms that has no equal in the world.”

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