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Power-saving measures toughened in Switzerland: Imprisonment sentence for non-compliance

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In the news in the Blick newspaper, it was noted that if there is not enough natural gas in the winter season, the temperature level of the rooms will end with 19 degrees and the hot water level at 60 degrees in the houses heated with natural gas .

In this case, it was stated that the use of electric stoves will also be prohibited, and saunas and swimming pools in the residences will be kept cold.

It was emphasized that if the energy problem becomes an emergency, those who do not comply with the austerity measures envisaged by the government can be sentenced to up to 3 years in prison or a fine.

Speaking to the press on the subject, Guy Parmelin, the former Confederation Leader of Switzerland and the current Minister of Economy, used the words, “We are not a police state. The police will not enter every house for the control of the measures, but some selected points will be inspected”.


On the other hand, it was stated that the power crisis in Switzerland could lead to the cessation of experiments at the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN), which operates in the country.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, CERN’s head of power management, Serge Claudet, announced that they have prepared a draft plan for the suspension of existing experiment activities at the center for a while, if the electricity crisis in the country turns into a crisis.

“The stability of the system is our biggest concern. The steps we take in this regard can prevent power cuts in our region,” said Claudet.

CERN, located near the French end of Geneva, Switzerland, consumes 200 megawatts of electricity during the experimentation work.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), which was built to continue the search for a new force outside of the four fundamental forces in nature, is also operated at CERN.

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