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Political crisis in Ecuador: President Lasso dissolves parliament

In his address to the nation, Lasso stated that the country was experiencing a “serious political crisis and internal turmoil” and stated that he signed the “cross-death” decree with the authority given to him by Article 148 of the Constitution.

Announcing that he dissolved the National Assembly, Lasso announced that legislative and presidential elections would be held in accordance with the Constitution.

Emphasizing that the decision they took was the right path for the people of Ecuador, Lasso said, “This is a democratic decision not only because it is constitutional, but also because it gives back to the people of Ecuador the authority to decide their own future in the next elections. We must do this so that we can regain hope and calm.” used the phrase.


Lasso, who also spoke at the session that started yesterday in the parliament, said, “There is no limit to the attack on this government, they have put 14 political cases into action to disrupt the government’s work in the cabinet. There is a political crisis and turmoil inside. They have created an imaginary situation that does not solve any of the problems of the people. The hatred they have against me is the greatest of my innocence. “The opposition is trying to destabilize the government with all its efforts.” made its assessment.

Lasso denied the allegations of embezzlement, noting that the contract between the state oil company and a tanker company was signed before their term.


According to the decision, Lasso will rule the country for 6 months by decree, while the election calendar will be determined. Thus, the dismissal process of Lasso was cancelled.

When the date of the early presidential election is determined, the new person to be elected will be the new president of the country until May 2025.

While the National Assembly, meeting yesterday at the request of the opposition, was discussing Lasso’s dismissal, President Lasso dissolved the assembly using the authority given to him by the Constitution.

The “cross-death” decree, incorporated into the Ecuadorian Constitution in 2008, aimed to end the crisis between the President and the legislature. Lasso went down in the history of the country as the first President to implement this decree.


Lasso was accused of embezzlement in a contract between the state oil company and a tanker company and condoning irregularities during that time.

The Constitutional Court had decided that an impeachment inquiry could be carried out in the parliament on March 30, 2023, for Lasso, who was accused of corruption.

Lasso was given a no-confidence question in the parliament in June 2022 on corruption charges, but his dismissal request was rejected because he did not reach 92 votes.

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