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‘Plum’ will be the lifeblood of Bursa chestnut

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Erikli, Turkey’s most popular bottled water brand, has started working to support the protection and productivity of chestnut trees, one of Bursa’s most valuable income sources, within the scope of Our Defense Needs Initiative. Under the guidance of Bornova Agricultural Effort Research Institute, chestnut farming training was given to farmers from Bursa in four different regions.

BURSA (IGFA) – Theoretical training, which is the first leg of the project within the scope of Our Conservation Necessary Initiative, implemented by Erikli in cooperation with the active Bornova Agricultural Effort Research Institute within the body of the TR Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies (TAGEM), was held in 4 different regions. .

The farmers showed great interest and participation in the trainings held in Bursa’s İnegöl district and Hilmiye Village, Cumalıkızık Village and Karacabey within the scope of the project, which was initiated to return the chestnut, whose harvest and population have decreased significantly due to the effects of the diseases experienced in recent years. In the theoretical training given by the trainers of Bornova Agricultural Research Institute, the farmers were informed about the effort, especially with chestnut cancer and gall wasp.

In the second leg of the project, trainers will give practical training to the farmers in the field after the research work. Chestnut seedlings will be planted in the designated areas and sample gardens will be established.

Michel Beneventi, General Manager of Nestlé Waters Turkey, who supported the project through the president water brand Erikli, in order to return the chestnut trees, whose production size has decreased from 20 thousand tons to 3500-4 thousand tons due to the diseases experienced in recent years and the damage caused by the gall bee, “As part of the “We Need to Protect Initiative”. To support sustainable agriculture with Uludağ University in order to understand and protect the biodiversity in Uludağ; In order to increase the productivity of chestnut trees, we work with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies (TAGEM). In this context, we organized trainings for farmers in four different regions of Bursa on the management of diseases and pests and chestnut cultivation under the leadership of TAGEM’s invaluable managers and trainers. We will continue the trainings, which are met with great interest, with field applications. We will continue to take new steps that will create value and contribute to Bursa, our home, under the umbrella of Our Protection is Necessary.”

Bursa Provincial Agriculture Manager Hamit Aygül, who attended the training given in the Cumalıkızık Village of Bursa, said, “Our country is one of the world’s leading countries in chestnut production and Bursa is a city identified with chestnut. Despite being one of Bursa’s valuable livelihoods, various diseases, especially chestnut cancer in recent years, cause significant loss of work and income on chestnut trees. In the last 20 years, chestnut production in Bursa has decreased to 3 thousand 500 -4 thousand tons. For this reason, both our Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Uludağ University and Erikli are working together to make chestnut cultivation an example of its old days. In this way, they aim to make an important contribution to the economy of our Bursa. With the demonstration gardens to be built later, it will be ensured that the old yield will be restored and higher quality chestnuts will meet with the consumers.

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