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Pınar Süt’s special support to AÇEV for Mother’s Day

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Pınar Süt is launching a meaningful donation campaign with the Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV) for Mother’s Day. Always believing in development and the importance of education in every aspect of life, Pınar Süt aims to reinforce mother-child education with the campaign it launched through its social media accounts.

Bringing innovative, quality, delicious and nutritious products to Turkey for 49 years for healthy and satisfied generations, Pınar Süt is launching a meaningful donation campaign for Mother’s Day. Pınar Süt joined the Mother Child Education Foundation’s (AÇEV) Mother Support Program for each comment to be written on the Mother’s Day content via Instagram and YouTube accounts and for each post to be shared with the theme of Mother’s Day by tagging @pinarhepyanim between May 1st and 8th. will donate.

It aims to increase the happy moments by sharing the photos of Instagram users who share with their mother or child through the @pinarhepyanimda account throughout the campaign, in the story section of their social media accounts.

Enjoyable generations completing their mental, social and cultural development

Pınar continues to create social value with its long-term, sustainable projects in the fields of culture, art, sports and education. Pınar Children’s Photography Competition, which has been held uninterruptedly for 41 years, allows children to paint the world of their dreams and has brought together more than 3 million children with the theater since 1987 with Pınar Children’s Theater. Since 1998, Pınar has been the main supporter of Karşıyaka Basketball Team and infrastructure It provides support for thousands of little athletes doing sports and contributes to the participation of more than 25 thousand children.

Drawing attention with its long-term social responsibility projects, as well as the projects it carries out on special occasions, Pınar also aims to raise awareness with the donation campaign it launched for Mother’s Day. This Mother’s Day, it invites its consumers to their social media accounts with a comment or photo, and invites users to reinforce their mother-child education.

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