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Phenomenal dog Boji leads beauty with crypto project

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The phenomenon dog Boji, which has been on the agenda of Turkey in recent months, with its free travel in public transport and the sympathy of all Istanbul residents, has turned into a crypto money project that aims to adapt the conditions of stray animals.

Announced on April 3, Boji Token, which aims to be a community-oriented project on the basis of transparency, was implemented as a conformity movement that donates some of the process prices to shelters for stray animals.

Boji Token Turkey Manager Ümit Coşgun, who shared his evaluations on the subject, said, “As Boji Token, we basically aim to improve the conditions for animals and to transform the world into a better living space for animals. While doing this, we believe that projects developed with blockchain technology will be effective.


The Boji Token runs on the blockchain known as Binance Smart Chain and abbreviated as BEP20. Boji Token, which is planned to be released to the market with a total of 700 trillion, uses 2% of its shares deducted from the process prices as a donation fund for food and other needs, to be distributed to dog shelters.

Ümit Coşgun stated that they carried out their first activities in Tekirdağ Dog Village with the budget obtained from the processes carried out, “Dog shelters established with the individual efforts of volunteers are home to many stray dogs.

Especially the increase in the prices of imported dog foods in the last period leaves volunteers and shelters in a very difficult situation. Boji, the phenomenon dog of Istanbul, managed to win the sympathy of everyone in a very short time.

With our Boji Token project, we aim to transform the impact of Boji on society into a major conformity movement. The food distribution activity we carried out in Tekirdağ Dog Village not only met the needs of the shelter volunteers, but also satisfied our canine friends.”


Boji Token Turkey Manager Ümit Coşgun, who reminded that a game where Boji is currently trying to escape from obstacles in the Istanbul metro can be played on the Boji Token website, concluded his evaluations with the following words:

“The Boji Token, which can currently be processed through PancakeSwap and listed on Coinmarketcap, will be the basis of the NFT collections we will produce in the future, the Play To Earn game and the NFT marketplace we plan for the fifth phase of the project .

Cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts who want to support the project can find detailed information on how to purchase the Boji Token and our roadmap on our website. We invite everyone to be a module of this transparent competence movement, which aims to provide better conditions for stray stray animals.”

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