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‘Personal information protection’ training for Kayseri Metropolitan worker

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Within the scope of Personal Data Protection Law training in Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, an in-service training seminar was held with the aim of raising the awareness of municipal workers, improving their competencies and creating a program suitable for the operation of the corporate development plan.

Under the leadership of Leader Büyükkılıç, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality continues in-service training seminars for the employee to be better qualified and better equipped in every sense. In this context, a seminar on the Law on the Protection of Personal Information was held this time by the Metropolitan Municipality Human Resources Presidency.

At the training seminar held at the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Hall, information was given by Attorney Mehmet Aydın in order to increase the awareness of the municipal workers within the framework of KVKK training, to develop their competencies and to create a program suitable for the institutional development plan and operation.

Head of Information Process Department Emre Yaylagül, Head of Human Resources and Education Department Oğuzhan Postallı and municipal worker attended the seminar.

Stating in the seminar that the Law on the Protection of Personal Information entered into the legislation as of 07.04.2016, Atty. Aydın was given extensive information on the issues such as the regulations made regarding the law, the legislative decisions, the direction in which personal information will be used.

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