Business is booming.

People’s bread has also increased

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The public bread produced by Kütahya Municipality was increased as a result of increasing costs.

KÜTAHYA (İGFA) – In the statement made by Kütahya Municipality, “On 07.07.2022, our new bread prices determined by the Kütahya Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Chamber of Bakers will enter into force in our city and in all our districts.

Old Price 210 gr Bread: 3 TL New Price 210 gr Bread: 4 TL

Old Price 1 kg Bread: 14.30 TL New Price 1 kg Bread: 19 TL

has been updated”.

Making a statement about the increasing prices, Kütahya Municipality Leader Prof. Dr. Alim Işık “As the Kütahya municipality, we are the decision maker on the breads sold at the public bread kiosks. According to the contract we have made, the obligation to sell bread with a discount of at least 20% is the subject of the word. Starting from here, 210 gr of bread was 2.5 TL before, but 230 gr of bread will be 3.5 TL from tomorrow. We made 3.5 TL by increasing the weight. While the weight of bread should be 19 TL per kilo in public bread kiosks, we have decided that it will be 15.20 kuruş.

Increases in natural gas, personnel costs, flour prices and electricity prices were effective in the increase in prices.

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