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Parliament will enact the proposals this week

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The General Council of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey will work overtime to enact the bills, including the additional budget for 2022 and the regulation of paid military service.

ANKARA (IGFA) – The parliament is entering another heavy week in which it will carry out legislative and control activities.

The General Delegation, which will start its weekly work on Tuesday, June 28, will discuss the Bill of Law on the Amendment of the Central Administration Budget Law and Affiliated Schedules of 2022, signed by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

With the proposal, 817 billion 271 million 632 thousand liras will be added to the budget arrangements of the administrations within the scope of the general budget, and 63 billion 203 million 143 thousand liras to the budget schemes of the special budget administrations, a total of 880 billion 474 million 775 thousand liras.

In the budgets of the public administrations within the scope of the central government, “personnel expenses” and “state premium expenses to social security institutions” are included in the economic codes, 40.5 percent of the initial appropriations, 20.2 percent of the initial appropriation of the “Presidential appropriation” economic code. 1% allowance will be added. The President will be authorized to add the Treasury aid appropriations to the relevant administrative budgets in return for the appropriation additions made within this scope.

The general budget revenue assumption under the 2022 Central Administration Budget Law will be increased by 1 trillion 80 billion 515 million 421 thousand liras.

Later, in the General Meeting, the Military Penal Code, including the regulation of paid military service, and the Draft Law on Amending Certain Laws will be discussed.

With the regulation, obligatory persons who are absent from attendance, undercover or otherwise and cannot benefit from paid military service will be able to benefit from this service.

The age limit of the Chief of the General Staff can be extended by the President until the age of 72 with a one-year grace period.

Those who are excluded from the scope of military service in foreign currency because they do not pay the foreign country money they have to pay or have been in the country for a total of 184 days or more in a random calendar year will be deemed to have fulfilled their military service within the scope of the determined methods and originals.

In the General Assembly, elections will be held for the 5 vacant members in the Presidency of the Court of Accounts. 3 of the 5 members will be chosen from the professional members of the Court of Accounts, 1 from the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, and 1 from among other candidates.

It is expected that the “bag” law proposal containing the regulations regarding the economy will be submitted to the Presidency of the Assembly.

The proposal includes 3600 additional indicative regulations covering 5.3 million civil servants and retired civil servants. The proposal, known as “student amnesty” in the public, provides the opportunity to return to school under reasonable conditions for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students who had to leave their education.

At the meeting of the Human Rights Investigation Board on Wednesday, the Kocaeli Penal Institutions Investigation Report and the Sweden Investigation Report will be discussed.

The SOE Committee will continue the control program. The Committee will examine the accounts of the Mass Housing Management Presidency and Vakıf İnşaat Onarim ve Ticaret AŞ on Tuesday, the General Directorate of the State Equipment Office and the General Directorate of National Lottery Management on Wednesday, and the 2019-2020 accounts of Ziraat Bankası AŞ and its subsidiaries on Thursday.

In this middle, weekly cluster meetings organized by political parties will be held in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

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