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Parliament Speaker Şentop: They promise chaos to Turkey, but we trust the nation

Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Mustafa Şentop said, “They promise chaos to Turkey. There is no project either. What was it, you will remember, it was a strengthened parliamentary system. Now they gave up on it, where did they come from? They were against the presidential system. Now they are proposing the presidential council system.” said.

Şentop, in his speech at the Rumeli Balkan Heartfelt Fellowship Meeting Program held in a hotel hosted by Bayrampaşa Municipality, said that Turkey has embarked on a new path since 2002 under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Şentop stated that steps were taken to ensure and strengthen the domestic politics in Turkey, and then the values ​​of the nation and the values ​​of the state were brought together, adding that they made Turkey a state of the nation.

Noting that Turkey has become a prominent country in international crises or agreements in recent years, Şentop continued as follows:

“In the past, this was not questioned, Turkey did not have the power to question it. I won’t give names for that reason. This is a word of the head of state of a great state: ‘Before Tayyip Erdoğan, we used to sit down with great states, several states, and take a decision. Turkey’ We wouldn’t even ask Turkey about the decisions that concern Turkey. We used to take those decisions, we used to think that Turkey would comply with them anyway, and it would have been. Now, even when we are making decisions that do not directly concern Turkey, we are compelled to ask Turkey, Tayyip Erdoğan. we feel.’ The reason why it has come to this point, as I said, is to trust the nation, to integrate the values ​​of the nation with the values ​​of the state, the nation and the state, and thus to open a period of action and to take the steps that will strengthen Turkey in all fields that come to mind in economy, politics, social life, technology and defense industry. is to throw with labor.”

Emphasizing the use of the defense industry developed by Turkey in the fight against terrorism, Şentop said, “Here is a terrorist, we shoot one of the so-called pioneers and leaders of the terrorist organization in the arms of the military and civilian officials of the country that protects them, we can neutralize them. Of course, we can neutralize Turkey. It provides a very important opportunity.” he said.

Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Şentop said that Turkey has become a center in economy, international relations, law and politics and they want to control this center.

“We say, ‘This center is not controlled, our nation decides how this center will act, the people elected by the nation’.” Şentop stated that the 14 May elections were important.

Şentop said, “They are promising a chaos to Turkey. There is no project. What was it, you will remember, it was a strengthened parliamentary system. Now they gave up on it, where did they come from? They were against the presidential system. Now they propose the presidential council system. One president, 7 presidents with him. vice president, all of them have equal voting rights. ‘Oh, no, we will gather 8 people, all together, we have equal votes, we will take a decision.’ Until you make a decision, they will leave and go, they will do what they will do.” used the phrase.

“Who is elected in Turkey, what does The Economist care about?”

Expressing that the main issue of these elections is the siege of Turkey, Şentop said:

“They want to establish a terrorist state in northern Syria. They delayed in that scenario, we delayed it. Now what they are waiting for is this: Once Turkey stops its operations in Syria and withdraw from there, cross-border operations should be stopped. Again, cross-border operations are necessary, even if they are needed. Even if it is not done, we have received the signal. Our soldiers are across the border, their term of office has expired. We are already voting in the parliament. Politicians affiliated with that terrorist organization do not vote for it, but the party of the current presidential candidate did not support it. That is, it is not a new motion, Let’s draw attention here. Our soldiers are already there, if the decision regarding this support had not been taken that day, our soldiers would have remained in that region unjustly according to international law. Despite this, support was not given. Now this is my opinion. This is what is expected and expected for Turkey to evacuate that region.”

Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Şentop said that they wanted to create a terrorist state that would encircle Turkey.

Şentop stated that there are covers prepared about the elections in Turkey in the Western media, “This is the most fundamental issue of these elections. Otherwise, who was elected in Turkey, what does the Economist care, what does it concern the French, what does the Germans concern? “What does it matter? That’s why it’s their business. They have their own plans, Turkey broke this plan, Tayyip Erdoğan broke it. Let people come to Turkey who will not speak out against this plan and will not harm the operation of this plan. Turkey should mind its own business. Those who say we will take care of the surrounding business.” he said.

Bayrampaşa Mayor Atila Aydıner and former President of the Constitutional Court of North Macedonia Salih Murat and some politicians from the Balkan countries, civil society representatives, academics and citizens also attended the program.

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