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Parliament Leader Şentop: It is very wrong to take advantage of the personnel!

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Parliamentary Leader Prof. Dr. Referring to HDP Diyarbakır Deputy Semra Güzel, whose immunity has been lifted, Mustafa Şentop said, “It is very wrong to take advantage of the personal rights of the deputy by not attending the parliament. This process will continue by taking into account the time periods specified in the Parliamentary Bylaws.”

ANKARA (IGFA) – Parliamentary Leader Mustafa Şentop answered the questions of the journalists on the agenda after he celebrated with a parliamentary employee at the Parliamentary Ceremony Hall.

Reminding that the Parliamentary Preparatory Board decided to lift the immunity of DBP Diyarbakır Deputy Salihe Aydeniz, who attacked the police with fists in Istanbul, Parliamentary Leader Şentop said that everything happened in front of the eyes of the nation.

Stating that the institution of immunity was not brought to protect the personalities of the deputies, to ease the process or to give freedom to the deputies, Şentop said, “The institution of immunity exists to protect the legislative and parliamentary activities. After his parliamentary and Deputyship ends, his personal immunity is also lifted, and the statute of limitations does not apply within this period.

Pointing out that there is an institution called the lifting of immunity, Şentop said, “There is also an institution to pave the way for prosecution by removing immunity in terms of some crimes and in this case, within a procedure, to the General Council. Here, the scale of ordinary mistakes and other issues are also taken into account.” he said he.

Şentop emphasized that Aydeniz’s behavior and deed against a police officer responsible for maintaining order, order and security, and that this aroused public outrage.

Reminding that the process on the subject has been started, Şentop said, “Later, we see that there are documents consisting of similar actions against security officials and that they are evaluated together. Everything is in front of our nation, we know that everyone’s condition and attitude are followed by the nation.” he used his word.

Şentop’s statements were published on the official website of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

Reminding the absence of HDP Diyarbakır Deputy Semra Güzel, whose photos were reflected in the press with the murdered PKK terrorist and whose parliamentary immunity was lifted by the Parliament, Parliament Speaker Şentop said, “Will you convene the Presidency Council on this issue?” to the question; He pointed out that there is a process in this regard compared to the Parliamentary Bylaws.

Şentop said, “Let me say this very clearly. A situation regarding the abolition of immunity was the subject of speech. It is something that could happen with a final decision, but the dismissal of the deputyship. The trial would continue. It is very wrong to take advantage of the personal rights of the deputy by not attending the parliament, it is wrong to do this very openly. In this respect. This process will continue, taking into account the deadlines set forth in the Bylaws,” he said.

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