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Parks in Bursa Gürsu are covered with the peace of green

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BURSA (IGFA) – Within the scope of the works carried out by Bursa’s Gürsu Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs, the visuality of the parks is refreshed by mowing and pruning the green areas in the parks of the district.

Gürsu Municipality Leader Mustafa Işık, who said, “We are refreshing our green areas, where we have the opportunity to enjoy the summer, with our maintenance works”, said, “We equip our Gürsu with the peace of green and the colors of flowers .

We carry out the works of our parks on a regular basis so that our citizens can have their friendly conversations in the joyful environments of our parks adorned with green, accompanied by the colors of nature. We equip our parks, where our citizens get away from the bustling of the city, breathe in the presence of greenery, spend pleasant time with their children and do sports, with pleasant landscape works that crown the vitality of summer.”

Within the scope of the works carried out by Bursa’s Gürsu Municipality, all parks and green areas in the district are being refreshed with landscaping works and general maintenance.

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