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Oymak shift from Kayseri Kocasinan

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Kayseri’s Kocasinan Municipality Leader Ahmet Çolakbayrakdar examined the road works on Oymak Street, which provides access to Yenişehir, Turgutreis and Barbaros Neighborhoods.

Leader Çolakbayrakdar, who emphasized that as the Kocasinan Municipality of Kayseri, works in every field continue in a heavy form, he stated that they accelerated the asphalting works especially in the summer period; “Our goal is to work non-stop until all our neighborhoods are deficient,” he said.

Kocasinan Municipality Science Affairs Directorate teams, working day and night to offer more comfortable environments to the citizens, are renovating the 22-meter-wide, thousand-kilometer-long road with its infrastructure. Leader Çolakbayrakdar, who examined the works on site, said that as Kocasinan Municipality, the works in every field continue in a heavy form. Leader Çolakbayrakdar pointed out that the teams affiliated to the Directorate of Science and Technology continue to work simultaneously in different neighborhoods; “Our work continues on Oymak Street in Barbaros Neighborhood. Infrastructure, asphalt renewal or new road works in each neighborhood of our Kocasinan continue heavily. We are working to beautify every corner of our Kocasinan, both rural and central areas. All our units produce uninterrupted service in a heavy form. We are carrying out the necessary works for our citizens to live in a more comfortable way. Hopefully, we will continue to work until all our neighborhoods are deficient. We are working diligently to ensure that our citizens live in a more comfortable Kocasinan. All our efforts are to offer a more comfortable and more comfortable Kocasinan to our citizens. I wish that the work done will be good for our city and our district.”

President Çolakbayrakdar added that works will continue uninterruptedly in order to increase the quality, comfort and safety of transportation in Kocasinan and to put roads and pavements at high standards into service.

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