Open source artificial intelligence coding assistant StarChat announced

acik kaynak yapay zeka kodlama asistani starchat duyuruldu163532 0 If you are a software developer, to translate code from one language to another or to solve some basic queries and tasks such as “write a Python program to find the n. Fibonacci number” GitHub Copilotor ChatGPT Chances are high that you have used it. While these tools are impressive, they also have disadvantages such as their closed nature and lack of transparency in the overall data used to train them. However, open source AI code assistants are also available in the market. The last example is StarChatit happened.

Coding assistants are on the rise

acik kaynak yapay zeka kodlama asistani starchat duyuruldu163532 1 more than 80programming language and one trillion tokensBigCode, a 16D parameter model trained on StarCoder is currently considered the best open source choice for code-based applications. With the fine adjustments made in this model, ChatGPT-like StarChat coding assistant created. In the training of the assistant, both OpenAI‘s models as well GitHub library was used. StarChat allows you to debug and can generate the code you want in the language you want with daily sentences. more than 40 thousandthe speech-training tool, on the other hand, seems to be strong despite being at the beginning of its development.

StarChat is powerful but not perfect

acik kaynak yapay zeka kodlama asistani starchat duyuruldu163532 2

But StarChat of course It’s not a perfect system. However, it is possible to use StarChat to improve itself in the software field or to speed up the processes in your current project. The shortcomings of StarChat, which is currently available as a demo in the alpha version, are similar to other artificial intelligence tools. Like many other language models, this alpha version of StarChat hallucinationvision and tendency to produce problematic content(especially when requested) has issues that need to be addressed.

The name behind StarChat Philipp Schmidand others in a detailed blog post, “We were surprised to learn that a code generation model like StarCoder could be turned into a dialog robot with a dataset like OpenAssistant’s. One possible explanation for this is that StarCoder is trained on both code and GitHub issues, and the latter provides a rich signal of natural language content.” statements are included. You can access the blog post from the link here or StarChat hereYou can try the link.

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