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Only that profession group could withstand inflation.

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In December last year, President of the AKP, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, had announced that there was a 52 percent increase in the base price, an increase that has not been seen in the history of Turkey. However, with the inflation figures reaching 70 percent in the first four months of 2022, the increases made melted away. In fact, the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey increased its year-end inflation forecast for 2022 from 23.2 percent to 42.8 percent with an update of 19.6 points.

In the face of inflation numbers, there was an expectation of a new medium increase in salaries of all employees. In the news in BloombergHT, it was discussed how the premium basic profit prices (approximately gross wage) reported to the Social Security Institution showed against inflation in the last 3 years, including the pandemic period, when evaluated on a sectoral basis.


According to the news of Tahsin Akça, the 3-year price increases in the courier and postal when sectors, which have increased employment in recent years with the effect of e-commerce and digitalization, with 10 branches with more than 500 thousand employees, it is seen that the only section with a real increase above the inflation of this period is the health department. . 851 thousand employees registered with the SSI, including doctors, nurses, health technicians and health officers, received an increase of approximately 130 percent when compared to February 2022, which also reflects the increase received at the beginning of the year. While the average primary benefit of the health sector was 3 thousand 942 TL in 2019, the profit increased to 9 thousand 102 TL as of February 2022. However, in the one-to-one period, consumer inflation in Central Bank records was 100.6 percent . In other words, the real increase seems to be around 30 percent.


Except for the health sector, the part that can exceed the consumer inflation rate of 100.6 percent in 3 years is not visible according to the SGK records. For example, in retail trade, where the most employment is realized with 1.4 million employees in a one-to-one period, the average price of interest has increased from 3 thousand 330 TL to 6 thousand 228 TL in one-to-one turnover . However, the 87 percent price increase was 13 percent below the three-year consumer inflation.

The lowest increase in 3 years was reported to SGK in the food manufacturing department, which has 505,000 employees, in departments with more than 500 thousand employments. In this section, the average benefits from 3 thousand 693 TL to 6 thousand 552 TL corresponds to an increase of 77 percent. In other words, it is 23 percent behind 3-year inflation. In other departments, 3-year price increases vary between 79 and 95 percent.

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