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Oil companies go to Venezuela again: license decision from the USA

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Speaking to Argentina’s radio called “Radiofonica”, Maduro stated that the long-standing economic sanctions against his country by the USA have been relaxed to some extent and this is meaningful.

Stating that the United States has taken light but valuable steps, Maduro said, “The United States of America offers gas and oil to (US) Chevron, (Italian) Eni and (Spanish) Repsol in Venezuela. licensing them to start production is a light but valuable step.” he used his word.

The US administration has taken these steps to encourage the resumption of dialogue negotiations, which were interrupted in October 2021 amid the government and the opposition.


On the other hand, referring to the USA’s refusal to invite Venezuela to the Americans’ Hill, Maduro said, “I think it seems appropriate to take the voice of Latin America and the Caribbean to the Americans meeting. Argentine State Leader We will be adequately represented in the voice of Alberto Fernandez.”

Maduro stressed that Venezuela’s exclusion stems from the horror of its US rulers, saying, “Whatever they do in Washington, the voice of Venezuela, the voice of Cuba and the voice of Nicaragua will reach Los Angeles and our Our voice will be there,” he said.

In its statement on May 2, the US State Department announced that Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela would not invite these countries to the Americans Summit, on the grounds that they did not respect democracy.

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