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Officer-Sen 3600 announced their demands for additional indicators

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The process of 3600 additional indicator regulations, which public employees and civil servant retirees expect to be enacted, continues.

The demands submitted by Memur-Sen to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security regarding the regulation, which is expected to be completed and submitted to the Parliament at the end of this month, have also become clear.

The Confederation first demanded that those without additional indicators be given indicators and that the injustice amid the current compensation reflectance ratios be corrected.

Officer-Sen has determined new additional indicator levels in compensation reflection rates so that all employees can benefit from the indicator increase.

The Confederation demands that the regulation of the additional indicators be concluded in a fair manner with these levels to be created in the middle of the existing 2200-3600 and 3600-4800 additional indicators.


In his statement, Memur-Sen Deputy General Leader Hacı Bayram Tonbul reminded that with the 6th Period Collective Contract, an agreement was reached on the arrangement of 3600 additional indicators, in particular, other additional indicators.

In this context, Tonbul stated that in addition to increasing the additional indicators of police, nurses, teachers and religious officials to 3600, additional indicators of other occupational clusters will be regulated, and gave the following information:

“As Memur-Sen, we have worked to make use of the additional indicator regulation for the civil servants at every level. First of all, as we want public officials who do not have additional indicators to be given additional indicators, the existing 2200 and 3600 additional indicator levels should be rearranged and added two levels in the middle of 2200 to 3000 and 3000 to 3600. and we created new compensation reflection rates based on these levels.

By re-arranging the existing 3600 and 4800 levels; We requested the addition of three midranges, 3600 to 4200 (excluding 4200), 4200 to 4400 (excluding 4400), and 4400 and 4800 (excluding 4800). We presented our proposals to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security by creating the hierarchical structure that is corrupt financially. We want this work to be taken into account, which will reduce social costs, increase satisfaction and work peace. In addition to these, we are also open to offers from the public boss for those with an additional indicator of 4800 and above.”


The additional indicator is one of the most valuable items that determine the salaries of public officials while they are working, and their bonuses and salaries when they retire.

The number of additional indicators differs by title, class of service and degrees. The higher the additional indicator, the higher the number of pensions and pensions.

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