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Obligation of ‘e-tender’ in public tenders

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Public Procurement Authority’s Regulation on Amending the Electronic Procurement Implementation Regulation, Regulation on Amending the Implementation Regulation on Service Procurement Tenders and Amendment in the Public Procurement General Notification has been published in the Official Gazette. (98002)
, the use of electronic tender (e-tender) method in tenders has been made mandatory. After August 1, the procurement of goods and services whose approximate cost is up to half of the threshold value stipulated in the relevant subject of the Public Procurement Law, and the open tender procedure will have to be realized with e-tender.

After October 3, all open tenders and the tenders made by bargaining in accordance with the relevant aspects of the Law will also be made by e-tender method.

In the implementation of this obligation, the announcement/announcement dates of the tenders will be taken into account.

In addition, possible hesitations that may arise in the application of penalties were eliminated by making a revision on the subject of the draft type contract used in service procurement tenders, titled “contravention of the contract, penalties and termination of the contract”.

It has been ensured that the sanctions to be applied are only included in the contract and that the regulation on this subject is not included in the other components of the tender document, and if included, the arrangements in the contract are taken as a basis.

The minutes used in the evaluation of very low bids and attached to the Public Procurement General Statement were also amended. In this context, improvements were made in the very low bid announcing and valuation processes.

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