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Now the ‘olive box’ support for the Manisa producer

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MANİSA (IGFA) – Manisa Metropolitan Municipality continues to rely on producers to increase rural development.

In order to protect the quality of the works of olive producers in Akhisar district and to increase the use of plastic crates for this purpose, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality delivered 16,800 olive crates to olive producers at a ceremony held in Akhisar.

Akhisar Chamber of Agriculture Leader Ahmet Akboğa stated that 72 thousand olive crates will be delivered by Manisa Metropolitan Municipality throughout the province, and 12 thousand olive crates in Akhisar, and conveyed his best wishes.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Councilor Doğan Ensivri stated that he is proud to be a member of the council of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, and said that this year, with the support he gave to grape growers with ram distribution, he always showed the producers in the field, all over the agriculture, with a budget of close to 70 million liras.

Saying that 72 thousand boxes are currently being shipped to the districts and that the size of the box allocated for Akhisar is 16,800 units, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Rural Services Department Leader Yılmaz Usta said, “Our work does not continue only with this. It is our aim to contribute to our small producers. We are aware that 10 boxes will not meet the need. However, I would like to remind you that 72 thousand crates are an important budget and in these cases, their transportation is large and valuable. Large companies provide crate support to large producers, but small producers have difficulty in reaching these crates. We made it for our grape producers last month. We brought about 100 thousand baskets together with the grape producers there. producers at the beginning of the year. With the instruction of Metropolitan Municipality Leader Cengiz Ergün, after the New Year, our Agriculture Provincial Directorate Our correspo ndence with TİGEM for the purchase of 500 breeding rams has been completed. We have been allocated to our province, we aim to bring together 500 breeding rams with animal producers, probably in February and March,” he said.

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