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North Korea’s test with COVID-19

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In North Korea, Kim Jong Un has argued that state officials have a stake in the growing COVID-19 in the country.

North Korean President Kim Jong Un said that state officials have a stake in the growing Covid-19 pandemic in the country. Accusing the authorities of laziness and negligence, Kim Jong Un claimed that “the state has not matured in its capacity to deal with the crisis”.

According to the news reported by euronews, North Korea reported its first Covid event since the beginning of the pandemic last week. In the country, where the number of daily incidents reached 232 thousand on Tuesday, the total number of reported incidents has already increased to 1 million 720 thousand.

According to the state media Korea Central News Agency, the total number of fatalities in the country where the Omikron variant was effective was 62.

The government does not report how many of the deaths were positive for the Covid-19 test. Experts say that North Korea has problems in diagnosis and diagnosis.

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