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Niyazi Koyuncu: Pendik Municipality blocked my concert

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After the banning of events and concerts such as Anadolu Fest, Aynur Doğan, Metin & Kemal Kahraman concerts, another ban decision came. Niyazi Koyuncu, brother of the artist Kazım Koyuncu, who died in 2005 due to cancer, announced that the concert he was going to organize in Pendik was blocked by the AKP Pendik Municipality two days ago.


Koyuncu used the following words in his statement on his Twitter account:

“I was prevented from performing at the event to be held by Pendik Public Education Center on 25.05.2022 at the Kıyı Square by the Pendik Municipality. The municipality has submitted that a musician who does not share the ‘value judgments and views’ of their institutions cannot be allowed to perform in Pendik squares as a reason for cancellation. We will always continue to sing our music together and louder, despite all the prohibitions and efforts to marginalize.


Pendik Municipality, on the other hand, made the following statement regarding the issue:

“Pendik Municipality; The news that musician Niyazi Koyuncu banned concert performances in Pendik squares does not reflect the truth. The concert, which we were informed of after its cancellation, was programmed by Pendik Public Education Center and was canceled by the same centre. Pendik Municipality has no involvement in the organization or cancellation of the concert. The musician’s argument is completely unfounded”


Concerts and events that have been banned and blocked for various reasons have been the subject of discussion in recent days.

After Anadolu Fest in Eskişehir was canceled by the governor’s office, the concert of artist Aynur Doğan, which was planned to be held in Derince Municipality Show Center in Kocaeli’s Derince district on May 20, was canceled by the AKP’s Derince Municipality. The Metin & Kemal Kahraman concert, which was planned to be held on Tuesday, May 17, was canceled by the governor’s office the day before the event.

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