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Nihan Çelik announced her purpose

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We talked about her new project, “The Storm”, where she made a duet with Nihan Çelik, nicknamed Barbie, and Serdar Ortaç, one of the latest popular names in Turkish Pop, who attracted attention with her sweetness as well as her voice, which won acclaim with her ‘Star’ and ‘Bodrum Tale’ music, her dreams and herself.

ISTANBUL (IGFA) – Bringing a breath of fresh air to Turkish pop music, Nihan Çelik shared her biggest dream.

-Can we get to know you, what have you done so far?
Born and raised in Germany. We returned from Germany to Turkey. I can say that I have been in love with music since I was little. I always wanted to be a musician. I started singing music in English in Germany. I had several projects there. Then I decided to sing Turkish music and
I came back to my homeland in Turkey. I also decided to live here because I love my country very much. Acting with a nationalist spirit, I decided to make my music here. But I’m going.

-How was the love of music born? are there any musicians in the family?
I can say family. My father was a musician and my mother sang in the choir. I should have made music too. I couldn’t do anything else.

-It would be easier for you to open up to the world if you sing music in English in Germany… Why did you want to move forward by making music in Turkey?
English I thought it wouldn’t be in Turkey. I grew up listening to Turkish music. But I will do English projects in the future. My priority is my country.

How did you meet Serdar Ortaç?

My producer brought us to a center. In fact, it was a name that I loved to listen to, whose music I aspire to very closely. We met in the first studio. The power that passed to me from the screen I had seen on television for years also passed when we met.

How is working with Serdar Ortac?

Great pleasure for me. He is a musician who does his job well and knows the pulse of the music market. A moment I will never forget for the rest of my life. How precious it is to be mentioned with Serdar Ortaç in the autobiography of a newly released musician. I am lucky…

-This duet was well liked, will there be a sequel?

Nihan Celik feat. Serdar Ortaç “The Storm” took the first place in the lists of digital music markets as of the moment it was released. I read the comments as much as I can, everyone wrote such nice things. I would like to work with Serdar Ortaç again. My producer is speaking. We loved this collaboration, and the audience loved it too. I think you’ll see us again in the middle.

-Serdar Ortaç gives compliments about you… Will this duo be on the stage?

There’s a concert planned. First of all, I will be a guest on the stage at a Serdar Ortaç concert. There are concerts taken afterwards. There are other works that we will perform in one-on-one concerts. Presumably, we sang our duet in those scenes as well. As I said, ours is a long-term cooperation.

-Where do you imagine yourself?
My biggest dream right now is to give a concert at the Harbiye Open Air Theatre. I’m also very good at dancing one-on-one. I want to give a very nice concert with a big show. You see a lot of dancing in my clips. I also love to play with my image. I want to show this on stage. I find dance incomplete in Turkey. I want to dance and be number one with my music in Turkey. It is customary that I do not say that I am the best, but I want to complete some deficiencies. I want to create something different on stage.

-Which artists do you like?
I find Edis very successful. I like Hadise.

-Let me say Gülşen is the most talked about name in recent times. Do you think my music and clothes should be discussed?
Both Gülşen are artists. The pop singer should be spoken with both his voice and his appearance. Gülşen is currently in the foreground with her clothes. But we all know that Gülşen also has a very pleasant voice.

-Can you tell us about your last music, Bodrum Tale, with whom did you work?
Regarding Deniz Durukan in Bodrum fairy tale. Summer was the perfect summer music, but my team and I have grown to this music so much. We wanted to remove it as soon as possible.

-Who are you inspired by on your stage?
Beyoncé. I’ve been a fan since I was little. I follow everything. He is my biggest idol. I want to be about him.

-What would you say to the evolution of music with the digital world?
I think the digital world is an advantage in music. Just like anyone can follow everything from the moment. Previously, we could only follow artists on television.

– It is very difficult to dance and sing on stage. What are you doing to maintain this performance?
Of course I exercise. I sing music while walking. To control my breathing.

-How is it to live in Turkey after Germany? Did you adapt? Did you get scared to go straight into the art community?
Frankly, I was pretty scared. There is some prejudice in Turkey. I shot the first clip and it was shot. When Gülşen dresses openly, it becomes art, and when she is a newcomer, she is a newcomer.

-What did you do first after returning to Turkey?
You can’t even compare living in Turkey with Germany. Turkey’s air and water are completely different. Our Turkey is very nice. Living in Turkey was always inside of me. It’s not about me making music. Even if I didn’t make music, I would like to live in Turkey. I was born and raised there, but my hometown is another. Also, when I came to Turkey for the first time, I ate dried beans. Dry beans here are different. Even the taste of the bread is different.

-You trust your dance on stage, but what do you trust most?
I’m not saying I’m better than everyone else, but I know the difference. I have another style. There is no rival, everyone is successful in their lane. I’m going to do something different that isn’t on stage. I have another air.

-What would you do in Germany?
I finished my school. I worked on the profession and got my diploma in sales and marketing. But I was always in my music life. We are originally from Erzincan.

-What are the next projects?
Our music will be released. A duet will be released with a surprise name. My bigger bomb is our duet music with the world-famous Snoop Dogg will be released in the summer. Signatures were made.

-What do you do in your daily life?
I love photography. I do sports.

-Who do you like to listen to the most?
Ebru Gündeş. I’m a fan. I like a lot. There is nothing like him in Turkey. Beyonce and Ebru Gündeş are number one for me!

– Are you a Pisces?
I am watery-eyed in my private life. But for example, in my profession, I am important and tough.

-Do you cook?
I cook, I love dessert.

-What’s your dislike?
I’m very impatient. I don’t like this behavior.

-What’s your favorite habit?
I can’t hold grudges against anyone.

-What is your biggest worry in life?
I’m afraid something will happen to my loved ones. I’m a very emotional person, anything can upset me. If someone tells me about their distress, I worry about it.
to myself.

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