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Nigde Governor Coach; “I am not a stranger to Nigde”

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Mustafa Koç, who was appointed as the Governor of Niğde while he was the District Governor of Istanbul Kağıthane District with the Governors Decree, officially started the mission.

Murat Karakaya / NİĞDE İGFA- Governor Koç, who greeted the protocol members in Niğde Governorship, made statements in the office.

Appointed as the 46th Governor of Niğde, Koç stated that he will embrace the people of Niğde in the near future. In his statements, Koç said: “May God bless you all, thank you for the welcome. First of all, I am very glad that I was appointed as the governor of Niğde. Our culture is close, actually, I am from Adana. I say God bless, I thank our President, the Minister of Interior, our other state leaders. We would like to express our endless gratitude to our great Turkish nation, who never withheld their prayers from us. May Allah not embarrass us, our elders of state, our beloved nation.

Of course, I am not a foreigner to Niğde. I came to Niğde for different reasons, we have seen it. Niğde has become the shining star of Anatolia, I hope we can put something on the previous services by completing our deficiencies by collaborating, relying on each other in the next period. for the peace and satisfaction of our people, for the welfare I would like to thank all our governors and public officials for this. , you said goodbye to our esteemed governor today, it was a heavy day for you, we thank him as well. I wish him the best of luck in his mission.

I send greetings to our 363 thousand fellow citizens living in our 5 districts from here. I hope we will hug them all in the coming days. We will meet. May my Lord not embarrass us on this path we are on. Today, if we are able to breathe under the roof of this blessed state, under our great flag, if we are at peace, if we are content, we owe this to our martyrs and their families, who are their precious relics. We owe it to our veterans. I say God bless them. May Allah not embarrass us with our martyrs.”

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