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Newspaper close to the government announced: Stockists are sentenced to prison

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Technical work on the 6th Judicial Package has been completed. In the draft, the penalty to be given to “stockists who cause price increases by fraudulent means” is increased.

According to the news of the Turkish newspaper; In this context, changes are made in the TPC titled ‘influencing prices’. Verdict, the lower limit of the prison sentence of three months to two years is one year, and the upper limit is three years, given to a person who “spreads rumors or news or uses other fraudulent means in a way that may result in an increase or decrease in the prices of workers or the value of food or goods”. is extended to the year. This paves the way for the arrest of the perpetrators of this crime. If the cost of the goods increases or decreases with the processing of this error, the penalty will be increased by half.

The lower limit of the penalty for those who make the mistake of avoiding the sale of goods and services is determined as one year and the upper limit as 3 years.

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