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New taxi system in Istanbul rejected for the 14th time

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Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s new taxi system and 5 thousand new taxi offers, 500 of which are accessible, were rejected by the majority of votes for the 14th time in UKOME.

ISTANBUL (IGFA) – May UKOME (IMM Transportation Compliance Center) meeting was held. At the meeting, “Proposal for New Taxi Supply for 5,000 Units, 500 of which are Accessible, All of which are IMM’s Plates”, came to the agenda for the 14th time.

IMM Secretary General Can Akın Çağlar, who chaired the UKOME meeting, stated that the 5 thousand new taxi offer is not a revenue generation strategy of IMM, and said, “This is a strategy to make the lives of our Citizens from Istanbul easier. These taxis are publicly funded in order to take a public initiative. We recommend it to be used,” he said.

5 thousand New Taxi Supply Proposals, 500 of which are accessible, were voted

The proposal was rejected for the 14th time by the majority of the representatives of the Ministry and the Leader of the Chamber of Craftsmen.

Transportation Department Leader Utku Cihan reminded that the necessity of increasing the number of taxis was also discussed in previous periods. go out. When you put a taxi into traffic, 4 vehicles are pulled out of the traffic. Taxi drivers don’t even use technological applications, they turn it off. We have always had such conversations. “We are very bored. We bring it up because we believe that we will make a decision from the members of the delegation here that we will solve this problem,” he said.

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