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New success in her profession from Aleyna Tilki

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Aleyna Tilki, who reached 87 playlists in 39 countries on the day her last song “Take It Or Leave It” was released, achieved a success that a Turkish artist had not achieved before on the day of release, and achieved a new success in her profession worldwide.

ISTANBUL (IGFA) – Aleyna Tilki became the first Turkish artist to be featured on the worldwide EQUAL list of the music streaming platform Spotify, which provides equal opportunity and visibility to female artists.

EQUAL, one of the biggest playlists in the world, will host Aleyna Tilki on the cover of both EQUAL Turkey with 36 thousand followers and EQUAL Global with 832 thousand followers throughout May.

Aleyna Tilki will clinch her success with Take It Or Leave It with new English music to be released throughout the year.

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