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New statement about the health status of Killa Hakan

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The famous rapper Killa Hakan, whose real name is Hakan Durmuş, who has been struggling with health problems for a while, has been in intensive care for four days. There was a post from Criminal and Massaka about the situation of the famous rapper.


His close friend and colleague Massaka announced on his social media account that the condition of the famous rapper Killa Hakan, who lives in Germany, is critical.

In his statement, Massaka said, “Hi everyone. As you know, Killa Hakan has been experiencing health problems for a long time. His condition has worsened recently. He is in the hospital and his condition has deteriorated. He is in a coma right Now. We are with him in Berlin. May Allah be pleased with everyone who wonders and calls. ‘ he had used.


The famous name later warned Killa Hakan’s fans and said, “Do not prestige the false information that is circulating, what you hear from other places. Do not take those who make statements outside of us seriously. We will not leave you unaware when there is a development, we are waiting for your prayers.”


In the punishment, he informed his fans about the latest situation of his colleague Killa Hakan. The famous rapper, who made a statement on his social media account, said, “Friends, I get the news about the paid Killa Hakan from my friends. Unfortunately, he has been in intensive care for 3 days, his condition is very critical and he needs our prayers. We are waiting for good news as soon as possible.”


Continuing to provide information about the health status of Killa Hakan at every opportunity, Massaka conveyed what happened about the latest situation of the famous rapper. Making a new post from his social media account, Massaka gave information about the latest situation of the famous rapper:

“Hi everyone. We are getting a lot of notifications about Killa Hakan, don’t miss out. We are aware that you are wondering. But the situation is the same for now. We thank the Consulate and the Ministry of Health for not leaving us alone in this process. We will definitely inform you when there is a random development.”

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