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New era in small cattle breeding

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“The Protocol on the Preparation and Execution of the National Breeding Program for Sheep and Goat Type Animals” was signed at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry General Directorate of Livestock.

ANKARA (IGFA) – Protocol, Livestock (HAYGEM) General Manager Salih Çelik, Agricultural Research and Politics (TAGEM) General Manager Dr. It was signed by Metin Türker and Nihat Çelik, the General Leader of the Turkish Sheep and Goat Breeders’ Central Union (TÜDKİYEB).

TÜDKİYEB General Leader Çelik said in his statement that the new protocol will be a turning point in small cattle breeding.

Pointing out that the breeding works of our domestic sheep and goat breeds were carried out in two other General Directorates of the Ministry, Çelik said, “TAGEM was carrying out the Small Cattle National Project in the Hands of the People, which also included our Universities and Unions, and HAYGEM was carrying out the genealogy program within the scope of the protocol it signed with our Central Union. “With the protocol, these two other breeding works were combined under one roof and an integrity was ensured. Our unions and breeders were also in this direction. Therefore, we are very pleased with this step taken by our Ministry as a department,” he said.

General Leader Steel, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Prof.Dr. He thanked the General Managers for signing the protocol in the presence of Vahit Kirişci.

Pointing out that a new page will be opened in breeding with the protocol, Çelik said that their main aim is to raise high-quality breeding rams and goats that Turkey needs. Çelik stated that the inclusion of a support measure to satisfy the growers in the 2022 Agricultural Supports Decree will have a positive effect on the success in breeding.

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