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New digital addiction: ‘Cryptocurrency addiction’

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Within the scope of ‘Psychology Days’ organized for the first time this year, attention was drawn to the issue of “addiction”. While the issues of addiction and its types were discussed at conferences by experts and academicians, activities were organized with the students to raise awareness together with expert psychologists.

In the event, it was emphasized that digital addiction, which is in the middle of addiction types, continues to increase, as well as crypto money investors who emerged with blockchain technology have gained addiction-like habits.

Although it is seen as an investment tool, it has been talked about that people spend a lot of time on the phone and internet to follow up, and this addiction now falls into the category of digital addiction.

“The old gossip has now turned into a social media addiction”

Stating that digital and social media addiction has reached dangerous dimensions, Prof. Dr. Hayrettin Akkaya warned the youth.

Akkaya said, “Digital addiction has now surpassed many addictions. As a result of this addiction, we are physically damaged because we get electromagnetic. Mentally, our minds are always on technology and social media accounts. We are always in the instinct of receiving news and sharing. There used to be gossip, mischief spread in this way, but people’s lives could not be played with as much as in social media. Now, social media and technology are spreading so fast that this situation cannot be prevented. People can even slander the government and the state through false accounts,” he said.

Akkaya said:

“Not only as an addiction, but also the addiction of making news and giving false information by those who are dependent on this addiction also offends the society and people. That’s why the peace and trust in the society is shaken. Because of this dangerous situation “Young people need to be addicted to their health first, then their jobs and then to society, rather than addiction. If there is to be an addiction, it should be a proper addiction. Others should stay away from harmful addictions.”


In order to draw attention to the fact that the first years that the family will give to the children are very valuable in order not to cause behavioral disorders, Prof. Dr. Akkaya said, “Actually, everything ends with the person himself. However, the concept of family is very valuable here, especially in the period before children get involved in social life. If parents raise their children, who are focused on human love, until school age, without being dependent on them, they will have laid a very nice foundation. These 4-5 years are the times to be considered in the development of the person for bad habits in the future. Because ‘a tree bends when it is a sapling, not when it is wet’. Our children should also see what is wrong and what is true in the future, and they should stay away from such harmful addictions and be rough on addictions,” he concluded.


Emphasizing that digital and social media addiction is now up to 8-10 hours in the middle of the youth, Struggle with Addiction Coordinator Gökhan Tekin said, “The issue of addiction is in a high increasing trend in the world, in our country and in our district of Esenyurt. It seems that the rate of use of the element decreases to the age of 8-9 years. Technology and social media have reached a very high level, especially among the youth. There is social media and internet addiction on average 8 to 10 hours a day. We will try to provide trainings for young people to use social media and technology, but to use it consciously in line with their needs.”

Finally, Demir drew attention to cryptocurrency addiction and said, “Especially in recent years, gambling addiction and digital game addiction have been increasing. Dependencies on cryptocurrencies, which are priced as a reinvestment tool, are increasing. Our most valuable role in this and other addictions is to raise awareness about addiction to young people by doing preventive work.”

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