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New development about Gülbin Tosun who insulted Mahra Melin’s mother

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Mother Derya Pınar, in a statement to reporters at her home in the Serik district, demanded that the stray dogs be collected from her social media account, saying, “Leave our real children alone. Because of you, there is no comfort even in the grave, the trees we planted because they pee. They dig up those whose graves are low. There is no comfort even in the grave. in the grave.” She stated that she shared.

In response to Gülbin Tosun, who presented the weekend news on FOX TV, “I’m after you, I’m coming tomorrow. Cheeky miserable.” Stating that he wrote it, Pınar noted that Tosun deleted the post after the reflections.

Expressing that she was very upset and traumatized, Pınar said, “I am shocked that a person who should be impartial, who defends our rights and defends the right to life of children, insults me in this way. Because we think that journalists should be impartial. I don’t know. If there is going to be a party, I would like the child to take a side and defend the children’s right to life,” he said.

Stating that they are an animal-loving family and that they absolutely do not want stray dogs to be harmed, Pınar reported that they applied to the Serik Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office through her lawyer and complained about Gülbin Tosun’s misdemeanors of “insult” and “threat “.


While Mahra Melin Pınar was running away from stray dogs on 5 March in Belek Neighborhood, she was seriously injured by the truck with license plate 07 YBJ 06 driven by İrfan Y. The little boy was transferred to Antalya Training and Research Hospital after the intervention in the hospital in Serik. Pınar, whose right leg was amputated above the knee in the second operation due to a clot in her brain, died on March 28.

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