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New closed documents have been added to the Isk Zarrab case: New confession claim!

Last month, two confidential files were added to the Riza Zarrab case file in the USA. According to the new development in the case, the number of confidential files increased to 55 with the new files.

According to the news of Can Kamiloğlu from Voa Turkish, there can be one document, evidence or thousands of documents and evidence in the files with a confidentiality order. It is stated that in the case files, which have a confidentiality decision, new indictments may take place, as well as the new confessions of Rıza Zarrab and some developments regarding the Halkbank case.

Awaiting verdict in HALKBANK CASE

In the decision taken by Halkbank, who was tried as a defendant in the Rıza Zarrab case, regarding his appeal at the US Constitutional Court, the US Constitutional Court rejected the claim that Halkbank was exempt from prosecution under the Foreign State Immunity Act (FSIA), and to reevaluate the case file and reach a decision, the New He had sent it back to the Second District Court of Appeals in York.

While the case file was sent back to its own jurisdiction a month ago, there has been no new development regarding the decision so far in the Second District Court of Appeals in New York.

Lawyers mostly stated that they were of the opinion that a similar decision could be issued by the Second District Court of Appeals in New York, which had twice previously denied Halkbank’s claim that it was covered by the Foreign State Immunity Act (FSIA).

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