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New ceiling price has been announced for domestic line flight tickets

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according to the re-determined ceiling price application; The highest single-way ticket price in the economy class on domestic lines was 1,150 liras.

Airline companies were demanding that the ceiling price be increased in domestic border ticket prices due to the increase in fuel and other increases in costs.

With the last increase in the ceiling price, it was reflected on the interior line tickets for the fifth time in 2022.

While the highest ticket price, which was determined as 599 TL at the beginning of the year in the ceiling price, was gradually increased; Finally, in June, it went up to 999 lira.

With the newly determined ceiling price, airlines have started to offer the highest ticket price as 1,150 liras, as of today, the economy class single destination for domestic flights.


Passengers who will make a domestic border flight with the new ceiling price will no longer pay more than 1,449 lira in the economy class, including the holidays and holiday periods, excluding the ‘business class’.

The ceiling ticket price application was initiated 9 years ago with the initiative of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in order to prevent the domestic border ticket prices from increasing too much during the holidays and during the festive period.

In 2013, the ceiling price in one direction at the internal borders was determined as 299 liras for the first time by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation.

The ceiling price was 499 liras at the end of 2021. There is no ceiling price application in the inner border business class and outer line ticket prices.

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