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Nevşehir presentation in sister city Ahlat

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Nevşehir was introduced at the “Cultural Interaction and Local Foods” and “Artisan Hands are in Ahlat” events held in the Ahlat district of Bitlis, its sister city.

BITLIS (IGFA)- In Ahlat district of Bitlis, Ahlat Municipality organized “Cultural Interaction and Local Foods” and “Artisan Hands in Ahlat” activities with the contribution of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

In the event held in Ahlat 1071 People’s Garden, Nevşehir Municipality introduced Nevşehir’s local handicrafts and flavors. Nevşehir Municipality officials, who made the visitors watch the pottery production in the tent set up by the Nevşehir Municipality Directorate of Culture and Social Affairs, also offered raisins, pumpkin seeds and meatballs related to the Nevşehir region.

In the Nevşehir Municipality tent where photographs of Nevşehir and Cappadocia regions were also exhibited, Nevşehir Municipality Deputy Leaders Furkan Feralan and Ersin Erol, together with the officials of the Directorate of Culture and Social Affairs, paid close attention to the visitors.

Nevşehir Municipality Deputy Leader Furkan Feralan presented a tile vase to the AK Party Deputy General Leader and Istanbul Deputy Vedat Demiröz, Bitlis Governor Oktay Çağatay and Ahlat Municipality Leader Abdulalim Mümtaz Çoban, who visited the Nevşehir Municipality tent.

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