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Nevşehir Municipality writes a service epic

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Nevşehir Municipality Leader Dr. Mehmet Savran made observations in the working areas of the municipality groups at 18 different points, starting at 08.30 in the morning. Leader Savran, who toured the road maintenance and repair, infrastructure renewal, park construction, sidewalk repair and landscaping works in the neighborhoods of the Directorate of Science Affairs, the Park and Gardens Directorate, the Water and Sewerage Affairs Directorate and the Headman’s Office received information from assistants and unit managers.

Wishing convenience to the municipal employees who took part in the works, Savran also chatted with the residents of the neighborhood he met.

Deputy leaders Ersin Erol and Furkan Feralan accompanied by President Savran during his examinations.

Noting that the municipal teams have been working at a heavy pace for infrastructure renewal, hot asphalt, park manufacturing and repair works since March and that they will continue to work at this pace as long as the seasonal rules allow, Savran thanked his fellow citizens who supported them under all conditions during the works in the neighborhoods.

Emphasizing that they broke a record in infrastructure renewal and hot asphalt in particular, Savran said, “While doing all these works, we said, ‘Infrastructure requires courage, strength and patience’, thanks to our citizens, they persevered, gave support, we dared, we finished the infrastructure issue in many neighborhoods. Both infrastructure and hot asphalt services have high costs, but there is little we can do for our citizens. They deserve the nicest and smoothest of everything. Hopefully, we will continue to bring our city together with pleasant services. Our citizens will lead their lives in a comfortable, peaceful and enjoyable way. That is our hope and prayer. We are determined to serve our city and to add niceties to our city. We will never stop on the way to serve our nation.” he said he.

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