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Nergis Şimşek wrote the 3600 additional indicator regulation: ‘No expectations were met’

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President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a statement following the June 6 Cabinet Meeting, that 3,600 additional indicator studies were carried out to cover all civil servants, not just 4 occupational clusters, that the additional indicators of all civil servants were increased by 600 points, that the additional indicator of the managers at the level of branch manager and district manager was determined. He mentioned that it will be increased from 2,200 to 3 thousand, and that these increases will also be reflected in the salaries of the retired public servants.

It seems that no one wants to understand that the branch managers in the public sector, who are deemed worthy of 3 thousand additional indicators, are above the clusters with 3 thousand 600 additional indicators in the hierarchy. With the Decree of the Law No. 666, the additional indicator of a top team was increased from 3 thousand to 3 thousand 600, while the branch managers were left at 2 thousand 200. This time, while waiting for the grievance to be remedied and the mistake made to be corrected, the principals were ignored again.

Branch managers are the only managers who do not receive office/duty compensation and who work in their entourage compared to their institution, such as architects, engineers, statisticians, religious officials, nurses, programmers, analysts, researchers, Chiefs, VHKİ, civil servants , who are less than or equal to the additional indicator of the worker who performs a mission. With the arrangement made, the additional indicator of the position in which he was the disciplinary supervisor in the hierarchical system, in which he assumed the supervision and responsibility of the work done from the dispatch and management, was lower than that of his subordinates.


The current additional indicator of the branch managers was 2,200. The expectation was compensation for office and mission with 3,600 additional indicators.

It has been announced that the additional indicator of the branch managers has been increased to 3 thousand. In this case, only the additional indicator salaries of the branch managers increased by 150 TL. The special service pension percentage of 2 thousand 200 additional indicators and 3 thousand additional indicators is 85%. When the additional indicator is 3 thousand, there was no increase in the special service pension either. In fact, there were no office and mission compensations. With the regulation prepared, there was only 150 TL increase in the additional indicator pension of the branch manager retired. The additional indicator of the officer he was the supervisor of was 2,800 with an increase of 600 points from 2,200. The difference in the middle of the additional indicator monthly increase of the officer and the monthly increase of the branch manager additional indicator was 37 TL. A complete fiasco and disappointment!


In fact, the expectation of additional indicators for branch managers meant more than just 3,600 additional indicators. It was “RETURN OF REPUTATION”. In a sense, it would be the preservation of the status and prestige of the branch manager and the return of his prestige.

As the Turkish public administration has moved away from merit for the last 20 years and the vertical hierarchical structure has turned into a horizontal hierarchy, as the managers have come to these positions with favor and deserving instead of competence and merit, and as they have managed the public badly with their knowledge and inexperience on the administrative side, they have disrupted the working peace among the employees, and they have been dealing with their administrations far from being problem-solving. they harassed the citizens with their lives. This end becomes inevitable when the rules are violated and merit is removed. Unfortunately, the public is not well managed.


Branch managers work as civil servants in the public sector, they work at all levels, such as chief, assistant manager, manager. In other words, he works at every stage of the job and is promoted to the branch manager by passing severe exams in certain periods. In fact, there is no examination rule for other titles after the branch manager. So he doesn’t come to that team from the summit. For him, it is a cornerstone in the public sector, for him it is the memory of the institution. He is a legislator with his knowledge, a manager with management responsibility, a person responsible for the training, referral and management of the employee, as well as the follow-up and control of work and processes, and a deputy to higher authorities with his knowledge and experience.

Branch managers are the only managers who do not receive office/duty compensation, who work in their entourage, such as architects, engineers, statisticians, religious officials, nurses, programmers, analysts, researchers, chiefs, VHKİ, civil servants, whose additional indicator is lower than or equal to the additional indicator of the worker who performs a mission.

Among these titled clusters, the additional indicator of the branch manager in the supervisor position of those whose additional indicator has been increased to 3 thousand 600 will be 3 thousand. What kind of workers’ policy this is, what kind of merit, what is thought and what is wanted to be done, if anyone understands, please tell!

3,600 additional indicator studies were an opportunity for the government, a hope for the employees. But the usual thing happened, that is, nothing happened, no expectations were met.

Branch managers are experiencing a great disappointment because of this, they are very upset and very angry for him. But this is not the time to despair. This work also has a parliamentary leg. It’s not over yet. It is time to be united, to seek justice, and most importantly, to achieve the prestige they deserve, in order to achieve results in accordance with expectations in the work in the parliament.

May God make the consciences of those responsible ache, let no employee’s rights be violated, including the branch managers.

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